Maltese Hunk Lives The Life Of An Instagram Superstar As He Performs Across The Caribbean

Move over Kendall Jenner


22-year-old star in the making Raphael Pace is tearing his way through the Caribbean as he performs in the hit musical Mamma Mia... that is when he's not busy hitting up beaches and spontaneously performing with drag queens in Florida.

Raphael forms a part of the cast for the full-length Broadway musical performed on Royal Caribbean’s ‘Allure of the Seas’ travelling around Eastern and Western Caribbean for nine months. And he's certainly making the most out of his time at sea.

"When people in Malta call your career choice a 'hobby', prove them wrong"

But what's next for Pace? Well, he eventually plans to return to London where he's based and go straight back into auditions, ready to book his next big contract. "I would like to have a number of theatre credits under my belt, including West End and Tours."

In case you're enviously staring at these photos and wishing you could be leading this life, Raphael has a little advice for you. "Train hard, never underestimate your capability, and stop at nothing to achieve your dreams. (Also, when people in Malta call your career choice a ‘’hobby’’, prove them wrong)."

Raphael, following his dreams and doing flips and shit.

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