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Spritzy Rossi And Single Malt Camille: What 11 Maltese Influencers Would Be If They Were Drinks

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Alcohol comes in a long list of flavours, shapes and sizes, but while it all contributes to one fun night, there’s a whole lot of variety out there. It’s so different, in fact, you could literally attribute it to completely different people. So why not try that right now?

We’re taking a look at some of Malta’s most recognisable names and faces… and pairing them with some beloved beverages.

Why, we hear you ask? Mostly because we can, and also because it’s fun. You’re welcome. Here we go!


1. Valentina Rossi is… Aperol Spritz

Let’s start with the obvious ones first.

She’s already been seen partying on Malta’s beaches with Aperol Spritz, and let’s face it; Valentina embodies everything about the wine-based cocktail.

Best served as an aperitif, Aperol Spritz is the perfect way to kick off a party… much like Ms. Rossi and her crazy antics. Of course, the hair colour is the red-orange topping on the cake.

2. Tamara Webb is… Perrier

She might advertise herself as your average girl, but The Balance Queen has managed to make everyday life look extraordinary thanks to her beauty tips, fitness regimes, fashion moments and super Instagrammable life.

If the world is water, Tamara has just that little extra touch of sparkling in her.

Add a gold cap that kind of looks like a crown, and you’re looking at your very own #QueenPerrier.

3. Ben Camille is… The Dalmore Whisky

Smart, sophisticated and nearly always in a suit, Ben has slowly aged in front of our very eyes.

Maybe not necessarily for 15 whole years the way Dalmore’s single malt whisky has, but gracefully enough to make the coupling a match made in tailored heaven.

4. Madeleine Baldacchino is… Beefeater Pink Strawberry Gin

Looks playful and innocent, but can certainly hold its own! Are we talking about the influencer-model or the drink? Well, both.

Matching in both colour and attitude, Madeleine is as popular with her 114,000-strong followers as gin is in Maltese weddings. This one really is a no-brainer.



5. Carina is… Bollinger Champagne

If there’s one drink that will never go out of fashion, it’s Champagne. If there’s one Maltese person who will always be at the very peak of fashion, it’s Carina.

Always ready to take things up a notch with their fabulous arrival at any party, Carina and Champagne go together like… well, a glamorous drink and an even more glamorous momager.

6. Davide Tucci is… Château La Serre

Intense cherry-red colour. Round, rich and open on the nose with plenty of black fruit and bramble complexity.  A smooth palate with a very traditional tannic structure. Elegant and perfumed. Enough to make you fall in love. And that’s just Davide Tucci.

One of Malta’s biggest heartthrobs deserves nothing but the best, and what better way to celebrate it all than with a sultry red straight from the heart of France’s wine country?

Be still, our beating hearts.

7. Stella Cini is… Corona

On the hottest day of the year, the coolest of the cool come out to play.

Stella’s vibrant wigs, ice-cool attitude and insane social media following are absolute forces to be reckoned with… and only an icon like Corona can compare.

Bonus point: that signature lime wedge to top it all off will easily associate us of Stella’s bright green hair that had us daydreaming for days.

8. Sarah Zerafa is… Old Mout Cider

Old Mout was founded over 70 years ago, but it was in around 2008 that the cider brand really took off and found worldwide fame, mostly thanks to an experimental range of fruit flavours.

Finding fame in the dawn of the new internet era, Sarah Zerafa has used colourful and attractive interpretations of long-standing celebrity traditions to catapult her into the social media powerhouse she is today.

Over 200,000 followers later, Sosa’s reach is undeniable. And whether you love her or would rather not go on her Instagram account, you can’t deny her influence and popularity. Enter cider.

9. Wayne Camilleri is… Jameson

Because of course he is!

Already hosting a YouTube series we’re sure you’ve already seen where he jams and interviews musicians beside a bottle of Irish whiskey, Wayne is Malta’s closest thing to Johnny Depp… which is why Jameson will do just fine, kind sir.

10. Grazielle Camilleri is…Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc

A dry wine with a wonderful mix of pineapple, citrus and passion fruit notes, Villa Maria is a surprisingly refreshing take on a timelessly classic drink.

And on the other side of the ring, we have a 44-year-old Aries who’s battling it out with influencers half her age.

Grazielle is sophisticated and classy, but also knows how to let loose and have fun. Perfectly paired with one of New Zealand’s finest Sauvignon Blancs!

11. Gianni Zammit is… Baladin Rock’n’Roll

As if the name wasn’t enough, the American Pale Ale’s peppery scents and spices are the perfect punch of fun and attitude, in a way that only Malta’s grey-haired rockstar can.

In 2012, on the occasion of the 100th issue of Rolling Stone magazine’s Italian edition, the Baladin creative machine created a beer to celebrate the event and the world of R’n’R.

Because so many decades later, rock’n’roll still lives on in the hearts of thousands willing to not give up the party… and Gianni is Malta’s perfect embodiment of all that. In his own words, night time is the right time.

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