Maltese Model's 'Hi5' Throwback Will Make You Rush To Delete Your Old Account

We made some bad choices when we were younger

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Local radio host and model Valentina Rossi is turning up the cringe with her post showing a hilarious throwback photo off the ancient social media website, Hi5

For those born after the year 2000, Hi5 was like a strange Facebook where you could connect with friends, write on their profile and send them 'fives'. Here is a perfect example of a typical Maltese Hi5 photo, as presented by Rossi.

We're not really sure where to begin tackling this from, but that caption seems like a good place to start. "Lool qed ninharaqq!".

As hilarious as this may be, the joy only lasts as long as it takes you to suddenly remember all of the rubbish you used to post. Say goodbye to any form of productivity - the rest of your day is going to be spent desperately trying to gain access to your profile.

At least Valentina's friends have helped her bring the photo into 2018 with some subtle edits.

But don't worry y'all; no matter how terrible your profile looked, there's always hope time will be kind.

What did your old Hi5/Myspace profile look like. Send us your worst photos in the comments or on [email protected]

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