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Il-Vjaġġ Ikompli: All You Need To Know About Mużika Mużika’s Haley Azzopardi

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A song is a dream your heart sings, and dreaming is what makes life worth living. Music, theatre, dance, and any other form of artistic expression are quite important when it comes to our well being. That’s why we as a country come together when we have a song to unite us.

That’s why the whole Mużika Mużika festival was started. With a total of 170 submissions across various genres of music – a total of 35 songs were shortlisted to take part in live auditions. 

Mużika Mużika has given the opportunity to countless artists, both emerging and established. The 35 shortlisted songs had the opportunity to compete in live auditions, which would then move them on to the next phase of the competition. 

Twenty songs officially became the semifinalists for Mużika Mużika’s 2022 festival.

With all of the artists showing off their skills in the upcoming festival, various genres and themes were explored. Reggae, rap, hip hop, ballads and everything in between were all experimented with by these 20 acts.  Groups, solos, and duos all took to the stage to speak about themes like self-love and hope which are close to each artists heart. 

But, these 20 acts are not the only ones that will be taking part in Mużika Mużika 2022. The winner of the series Il-Vjaġġ Ikompli will also be competing. 

Crowning Haley Azzopardi as the winner of Il-Vjaġġ Ikompli, she describes the experience as ‘an opportunity made of gold, an experience that helped me grow artistically.’ 

17-year-old Hayley started her singing journey when she was just 10 years old. In 2015, her talents got her to the final of the Junior Eurovision song contest, as well as winning the Kalamita Festival that same year. Just two years after, in 2017, Hayley won first place in her category as part of the Italian Festival Accademia: Il Talent on Sky Tv. 

From singing in front of a crowd of people in Italy to taking part in several musicals – Hayley has been telling us she is a star since the start of her singing journey. 

Hayley, along with the 20 other acts, will be competing for the crown in Mużika Mużika 2022, which is happening between the 24 and 26 March, so you better mark these dates on your calendar. 

The Festivals Malta team are currently making sure that everything is in place for the big festival next year. Logistics, lighting, costumes, and all of the other behind the scenes preparations are in full swing, so the fun can kick start ASAP.

Excited? You can meet the participants and get to know them better in Mużika Mużika’s second season of il-Vjaġġ Ikompli which starts airing in January 2022. 

Go behind the scenes, experience the emotion of the songs as they are creating them, and make sure to tune into Il-Vjaġġ Ikompli season 2. Mużika Mużika has helped many artists to reach their full potential, and you have the opportunity to support Malta’s next big star. 

Support your local artists and tune in! 

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