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Nas Daily’s Stay In Malta In (Very Big) Numbers

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By now, almost everyone on this island has heard of international viral vlogger Nas Daily and his trip to Malta. If you haven’t: welcome to the internet. We’re glad your first stop was our page!

What was meant to be a short stop over quickly turned into an extended work trip for Nas. But what exactly went down? Here’s what you need to know.

1. He made 13 videos while here

There were other clips he may have edited and uploaded from Malta, but in total he released 12 videos in and about the Maltese Islands.

The most popular clip from all of these (at the time of writing) is the clip where a man verbally abused him on one of his first days here.

2. Which were viewed a total of 23,413,000 times

That’s right – all the content he filmed and published while in Malta has been viewed just shy of 22 million times.

3. He hosted 2 meet ups

The first one on the very first day he arrived in Malta, and the first time he realised he had a following here. The second being his massive Oh My Malta celebration.

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4. And visited 3 islands 

Landing in Malta, taking a trip to Gozo and then heading to Comino. He featured Gozo in two videos and Comino in two others. 

5. And got 195,000 shares on all his clips during his stay

It’s not just about the views – his videos seem to touch people as they share them to their timeline for their friends and family to see.

6. Nas drew in a crowd of 4,000 for his big ‘Oh My Malta’ celebration

Hoping to get 1% of the population together in one place, Nas teamed up with local companies and government agencies to put together a massive show in his last few days on the island.

What was your favourite part about Nas’ visit?

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