There's No Stopping Malta's Meme Master: Grandayy Hits Another Massive Milestone, This Time On Instagram

Grandayy now has about four times as many followers as the entire population of Malta and Gozo

Grandayy Instagram Lovin Malta 2 Million

Malta's most popular nstagrammer has way more followers than the entire population of the archipelago, but hardly anyone knows what he actually looks like. Now, certified meme lord Grandayy has just pushed that number even further.

Grandayy has now hit two million Instagram followers

Yep, that's four times as many followers as the whole population of Malta and Gozo.

The young Maltese YouTuber, who regularly posts highly successful memes on social media, took to Instagram on Monday evening to celebrate his latest accomplishment, thanking everyone for "2 million gamers".

Grandayy Instagram
Grandayy Lovin Malta 2 Million

As for his home territory YouTube, Grandayy has another two million subscribers

Just over seven months, the Maltese memester celebrated one million subscribers, but that number has already doubled.

When you start looking at video views, though, that number quickly increases. Grandayy's videos regularly get hundreds of thousands of views, most of the time just shy of a million, but his breakout videos get way more than that.

His most popular video, an edit of the popular 'We Are Number One' meme mixing in Crash Bandicoot's 'Woah', is sitting on just over 17 million views. And if you didn't understand a word of what I just said, don't worry; it just means that the entire population of a medium-sized country found a very niche and crudely edited video hilarious. Multiple times.

As it stands, Grandayy's total views on YouTube since he joined in July 2014 is now sitting on a ludicrous 395,439,900 views.

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