Now That North And South Korea Have Peace, Here Are 7 Maltese Feuds That Need To End

The perfect time for peace

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Last week the world watched as a historic peace treaty between North Korea and South Korea was signed by both leaders. This beacon of hope in a world that can sometimes feel heavily embroiled in bad news inspired us to look into huge Maltese feuds we'd like to see end in 2018.

1. Carina and Sarah Zerafa

Following comments made by top momager Carina Camilleri on Malta's first reality show Benjamin, and some serious vague-booking from the young Maltese model, the fashion feud caused drama across the island. But in the spirit of peace and love, we're hoping for an epic reunion.

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2. San Alwiġi and De La Salle

Trust us, we know the drama feels very real when you're in 6th form - but it's not that serious. 

Sure, it's fun to push yourself to your performance limits to make sure you put on an incredible (and more importantly better-than-theirs) soirée but you're both at school to do one thing and that's ace your A levels. So lets put the drama aside and go back to being friends. JC and Naxxar students are watching us and laughing. 


3. San Ġorġ and San Bastjan

While we're not exactly religious experts, we're pretty sure all saints get along just fine up in heaven - so why can't their followers down here? While the title mentions Qormi's famous head-to-head, this goes for all infamous festa feuds across the island. Għaxaq's San Ġużepp vs Santa Marija, Żabbar's Bajdisti vs Baqristi etc. 

You're welcome to love one side more than the other for whatever reason you choose, but let's put the actual feud aside, take a selfie in your respective colours and move on with our lives.

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4. Mary Spiteri and Ira Losco

While not an outright feud (the two may well be friends behind closed doors) the pop diva drama is definitely spoken about in hushed whispers by fans. Both singers were born stars who catapulted their careers even further by ranking incredibly well at the Eurovision. But after watching both singers perform powerful renditions of Ġensna's Tema '79, will the world ever get to see it done as a duet?

5. Valletta FC and Floriana FC

We get it, football is a big deal - but you cannot remove an entire colour from your life because it's the standard green/red of your least favourite team in the world. It's time to put that behind us in 2018, and if you're not willing to take a selfie with the opposing supporter, at least consider slowly reintroducing the colour back in your life.

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6. #TeamMario and #TeamGuido

Spoiler alert: we know, thousands of hearts were broken after Guido's death, so maybe Mario and him will never be real bffls, but we can live in hope that the feuding sides will one day see eye to eye. This is of course referring to one of the most notable feuds on the massively popular Maltese TV show, Strada Stretta, where Guido and Mario have a true Twilight love triangle as they fight for Lydia's love.


7. North Malta and South Malta

We're not questioning that there are in fact some minor differences, but that's in no way a bad thing! Embrace the differences... celebrate them! Make funny jokes that are not offensive - but please, cut the actual feud.

Mellieha Vs Marsaskala

Bonus: Franco Debono and Lou Bondi

One of the biggest public feuds of all time - names were thrown (pappagall) and phones were ringing, but five years after the feud began, it was put to rest via the wonderful stunt by #LovinMaltaTV. 

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