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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat Confirms Getting A Tattoo… And Says It’s Not His Only One

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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat this morning confirmed he got a tattoo on his right bicep, although he refused to discuss what exactly the tattoo says or its meaning. He did go one step further though, saying that this is not his only tattoo.

“I consider this to be a personal choice and do not intend discussing it or its meaning,” he told Lovin Malta in a text message. “Since nobody ever asked, and to be transparent, you should know I have more than one tattoo and have carried them for a number of years.”

Lovin Malta this morning reported that Muscat’s tattoo was spotted in a video published by One News. The tattoo seems to be the Latin word for undefeated: Invictus.

What do you make of the Prime Minister’s ink?

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