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Spajs Up Your Life: If The Spice Girls Were Maltese, This Is Who We Reckon They’d Be

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Unless you’ve been avoiding the internet, then you’ve seen that the Spice Girls will be finally reuniting next year for a UK tour. Well, kind of reuniting; Victoria Beckham won’t be joining them. I know this is a Spice Girls article, but I’m bitter.

Anyway, in honour of our 90s dreams finally becoming a reality, here’s an alternate reality version of the Spajs Girls made out of some of our favourite Maltese celebs.

1. Valentina Rossi is Ginger Spice

Not only does she now have ginger hair, but I also found this photo in front of a matching red wall, so it’s fate. Besides, Valentina can definitely match the energy needed for a power girl band.


2. Gaia Cauchi is Baby Spice

Just in case you needed reminding that Gaia is literally 15 years old.


3. Carina Camilleri is Scary Spice

Because let’s face it; no matter how much of a great friend the celebrity momager is to the people she loves and respects, Carina will scare the socks out of anyone who dares cross her.


4. Xtina Camilleri is Sporty Spice

Even when she’s getting ready to pop a bun out of the oven, Xtina is #SportyGoals. Besides, that X is perfect for a stage name.


5. Diane Stafrace is Posh Spice

Faux fur coats, massive sunglasses and a good old RBF? The former Times Three singer is perfect Maltese Posh Spice material.

Apart from all that, this match also perfectly fits thanks to Diane’s lack of presence in the local spotlight over the last two decades. #MovingOn


If you don’t think you’re going to be able to get tickets to go and watch the Spice Girls on their reunion tour, maybe we can push to make this Spajs Girls group a reality.

Tag four friends who make up your Spajs Girls group!

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