Superstar Antonio Banderas Gets His Cliché Valletta Instagram Shot

It even features a true cultural icon: a notice from the PA

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Antonio Banderas, a.k.a. the man your mom had a crush on in the 90s, is making the most of his time in Malta as he films scenes on the island for an upcoming biopic on the life of Pablo Picasso. 

Standing in front of the vibrant red facade of an abandoned Valletta shopfront, Antonio Banderas writes "walking around La Valletta. Beauty everywhere."

This isn't the first snap he's posted to the popular social media platform as last week he shared a black and white snap of the bastions surrounding our capital.

His tour of Valletta seems to have been quite the cultural excursion. He shared his love for the ceiling of St. John's Co-Cathedral, together with Caravaggio's famous 'St. Jerome Writing'.

And if the devil is in the detail, Antonio is not missing a trick; looking closely at his hashtags he's really gotten into the Maltese spirit with #SanĠwann.

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Currently in Malta shooting scenes for The National Geographic's second season of the show Genius, Banderas will be portraying the legendary artist Pablo Picasso in an up-close-and-personal look into his life and work.

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