That Awkward Moment Lovin Malta Reveals Roberta Metsola Is Pregnant

'Thank you for announcing that to the world'

This video captures the awkward moment Lovin Malta's Chris Peregin casually announces that MEP Roberta Metsola is expecting her fourth child.

At the end of the joint interview filmed in Brussels this week, Mr Peregin congratulated the two MEPs on their achievements as successful politicians and dedicated mothers, adding that Ms Metsola was now also expecting her fourth child. 

"Thank you for announcing that to the world," Ms Metsola responds in a deadpan way after which she bursts into giggles and laughter that's quickly contagious to her EP colleague and the interviewer.

"You have a news point," former journalist Ms Dalli quipped, before pointing out that she had to bring her baby son Kane to the interview in what it a daily "juggling act". 

Ms Metsola, who is in her third trimester, gave Lovin Malta permission to use the clip and announce the great news. 

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