The New Victorians Need You! Help Them Take Malta's Original Show 'MARA' To The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Let the MARAthon commence

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They may have just won Artist of the Year at the 2019 Premju għall-Arti, but local music and theatre production sister duo extraordinaire Philippa and Bettina Cassar - aka The New Victorians - are not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

In the middle of writing new music and new shows, they've been busy looking for funding a very exciting opportunity

The New Victorians could officially be the first all-female Maltese cast to perform an original piece of theatre at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the entire month of August this summer.

After trying out for the Charlie Hartill fund in London earlier this year, they were one of 14 finalists out of a total of 120 applicants to be shortlisted! After the tryouts, the Pleasance at the Fringe offered them a slot in their programme at one of the best theatres in their area; The King's Dome.

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Buuuuut, none of this comes for free.

Whilst taking part in the Fringe is something that artists from all over the world aspire to, it's pretty freaking expensive. They need to raise funds to cover the cost of PR and marketing, travel, production, accommodation and living for a cast of 10 superwomen for their month-long stay.

And to do all this, they need to raise a whopping €10,000

No biggie, right? So they've launched a pretty extensive crowdfunding campaign for anyone who wants to lend a helping hand. And obviously, they've got some pretty exciting rewards to offer people who donate; from free merch, to tickets, to free workshops in theatre and sound design.

Phil's iconic 'thank you in an accent of your choice' videos are back, and I think those are worth more than any of the other rewards.

If you want to help out, head on over to their ZAAR page now and click donate!

They've got just over a month left to raise a remaining €9,000 and every little will help.

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In the meantime, treat yourself to some the TNV's soothing sounds

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