This Hollywood Star Is Loving The Maltese January Sun

He's taking a break from kicking ass


Dragomir Mrsic, the burly actor who has featured in blockbuster Hollywood movies like Edge of Tomorrow has just landed in Malta, and is clearly loving every moment of it.

Even though Malta isn't exactly experiencing its hottest month ever - and with a certain other famous actress publicly saying that she is missing the 'summer' - the Swede doesn't seem to mind, peeling of his clothes for a chill video from his Portomaso suite.

In the video, he shows the sweet balcony view, while using his viking voice to say "Yeah, I like this".

The Swede is actually a reformed bank robber, and has turned himself into a celebrated Swedish Olympic team trainer, a gym owner, a black belt and former Nordic champion in Taekwondo, as well as actor and producer. 

His focus on health and body is often translated to film, where he often plays larger than life characters who will most probably be landing a punch of three onto someone's face.

Dragomir hasn't been in Malta for long, but he is already in love with the country, its history, and - most importantly for him - the sun.

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Johnathan Cilia

Johnathan is interested in the weird, dark, and wonderful contradictions our late-capitalist society forces upon us. He also likes music and food. Contact him at [email protected]