Three Awesome Women With Maltese Roots Who Are Making Waves Abroad

50% Maltese, 100% badass

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As we've seen before, we have our fair share of Maltese people doing awesome shit abroad. But that should never stop us from celebrating more homegrown (or at least very tenuously related to Malta) talent. 

Here are three women you should know about who are absolutely killing it abroad. 

1. Marama Corlett - actress & dancer

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With an IMDB introduction like that, you know you're in for a good one. Marama is a Malta-born actress who shares her Maltese nationality with a New Zealand one. Over the last five years, Corlett has taken her debut as a minor role in The Devil's Double and later her appearance in Malificent to her actually being a character with actual lines and a scene in Guardians of the Galaxy

Sadly, her scene was eventually cut out from the cinema edit, but her extremely valid contribution did not go unnoticed. Her character still made the news, and we're hoping that the film's great success will only push her career even further!

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2. Amelia Troubridge - photographer

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Yes, that's famous showgirl Dita Von Teese. But that photo is part of a body of work called Joan of Arc Had Style, by—you guessed it—half-Maltese Amelia Troubridge. Born in London, Amelia has photographed some of the most famous faces in the world, including Kim Cattrall, Baroness Warsi, Fay Weldon, Cara Delevinge and none other than David Cameron. The latter was for a TIME magazine shoot, but Amelia's also been commissioned by Vanity Fair, The New York Times, GF and Dazed & Confused! 

An awesome piece of trivia for the hipsters out there; the hauntingly beautiful poster image for Nick Cave's 20,000 Days on Earth was actually shot and created by Amelia! Throughout this long list of insanely great successes, Troubridge hasn't let go of her Maltese roots, and her second book Malta Diaries was a personal rundown of her experiences with the island.

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3. Suzanne Sharp - entrepreneur 

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Malta-born Suzanne is the creative director of The Rug Company, which she runs with her husband Christopher Sharp. The company started as a small shop in the 90s along the Qui-Si-Sana seafront, but by the turn of the millennium, the power couple moved to London, revolutionising the upmarket rug industry, collaborating with behemoth designers like Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood along the way. 

Fast-forward to 2017, and The Rug Company has over 20 showrooms worldwide, including New York, Los Angeles, Harrods in London, Dubai and Cape Town! The multi-million pound business boasts a celebrity client list ranging from Alex Ferguson to Bill Gates, so it doesn't seem like Suzanne Sharp is going anywhere anytime soon!

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Do you know of any other successful people abroad who have a connection to Malta? 

Tell us in the comments and let's show our full support to these brave and powerful women!

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