Trouble In Paradise? Emma Muscat Switches Instagram Account To Private Amidst Rumours Of Biondo Break-Up

The Maltese starlet has been rather quiet ever since the two suddenly stopped following each other on social media... and hundreds have rushed to her support

Emma Muscat Biondo Break Up Lovin Malta

Malta's beloved starlet Emma Muscat has enjoyed a very successful year in the limelight, with her successful run on popular talent show Amici helping her win the hearts of thousands of Italian and Maltese people... and one fellow young celebrity-contestant Biondo. Now, however, it seems like there might be some trouble in paradise.

According to the Italian rumour mill, Emma Muscat and Biondo have broken up... and social media seems to mirror the heartbreaking piece of gossip

"The confirmation came in today's recording of Amici di Maria De Filippi," Gossip e TV wrote on Saturday in the midst of what was an unusual absence of both young singers on each other's social media accounts.

Vicolo delle News, on the other hand, went into further detail (and speculation), pinpointing the beginning of last week as the potential end of the two stars' relationship.

The news broke on Saturday following Biondo's appearance on Amici, where he appeared to promote his new album.

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It was all looking fine with the couple until Valentine's Day... but then something changed a mere 10 days later

On the evening of February 13th, Emma and Biondo both took to Instagram to commemorate a beautiful year together, with the young Maltese singer thanking her Italian beau "for all the love, attention, patience and respect".

"This was one of the happiest years of my life, and I'm too grateful you were there to share everything with me," Emma finished. "Thank you for existing". On his own Instagram account, Biondo left a similar photo - albeit accompanied by a much shorter and direct "365/365".

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By February 24th, the couple actually stopped following each other on Instagram, leading many to believe the end was near

"That evening, everything went smoothly," Vicolo delle News reported. "They first performed individually on stage [at the Acireale Carnivale], then paired up for the happiness of the fans. Love was clearly present at the event, as was a former friend from Amici Lauren Celentano, who tagged them both in stories."

"The following day, the fans realised that the two were no longer following each other on Instagram, and Biondo even temporarily closed his profile," the gossip site continued. "Blogs have begun to spread the news, but many fan pages of the couple do not want to believe it!"

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Performing at Sicily's popular Acireale Carnival last week, Emma and Biondo were all smiles and hugs... and even reconnected with old friend Lauren Celentano

Emma Muscat has switched her own Instagram account to private... but that hasn't stopped thousands from showing their support

Following a couple of days of online silence, Emma's latest Instagram post shows a stark difference from the usual colourful selfies and press shoots; black and white lyrics from Bob Marley's poignant Everything's Gonna Be Alright.

But with over 760,000 followers, the Maltese singer still has a huge support system... and hundreds keep showing their support in her comments section and reminding her that, by time, everything will be alright.

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Emma Muscat Instagram Comments

Emma still has a very busy year ahead of her... and was spotted at Warner's recording studio just last week

In Turin, Emma made it to the Instagram story of Irama, the winner of last year's Amici, as she could be seen returning to the studio.

Following the release of her debut album Moments last summer, the Maltese singer released a Christmas album... and even hinted at a new album just last month (a mere 59 days since Moments Christmas Edition).

"Love, freedom and youth are the main themes in my new album," the young singer-songwriter had told her hundreds of thousands of followers. "What do you expect?"

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Emma Muscat Lovin Malta Instagram Story

This morning, Emma's Instagram story had a more familiar subject... Malta

Seemingly back on the rock, the Maltese singer kicked off the week with a sunny panorama from Għajn Tuffieħa, wishing her 768,0000-strong following a good morning days after thanking them all for their support.

"I can still confirm there's nothing more exciting than feeling your love for me," Emma said on Instagram.

What do you make of all this?

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