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Twitter Reacts To New, Gory TV Series Starring Maltese Actress

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If you’re looking to add a little ‘weird and twisted’ into your life, or you’re all about supporting local talent, then Blood Drive is the show for you. The show maintains a perfect balance between sickeningly gory and extremely entertaining, and it seems the world is hooked.

Maltese viewers were among the most excited when the original trailer came out as it prominently featured our very own star-in-the-making Marama Corlett playing Aki. The first episode aired on the SyFy network last night and twitter cannot seem to get enough.

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Marama Corlett in action. Image: SyFy

1. It’s probably the most-recommended new show out there

2. And people are loving it’s unapologetic nature

3. It’s even won over people who are not into gore at all

4. And it challenges what we know about TV

5. Fans of the show appear to already be fans for life

6. And it’s even spilling over into the real world

Bonus: The show’s official Twitter is as cheeky as they come

Yes, that is indeed Marama personifying ‘terrifying but still so very hot’.

And if you’re not convinced, here’s the trailer:

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