Valentina Rossi Majorly Trolls Co-Host With Over-The-Top Congratulations

She even got a couple of celebrities in on the whole thing

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Model and radio host Valentina Rossi is no stranger to the odd feature on Lovin Malta, but after the stunt she pulled today, it's very easy to see why. 

Rossi took it upon herself to congratulate her Vibe FM co-host Nate Darmanin on finally making it to Lovin Malta after we featured Nate's hilarious status as one of the reactions to Adrian Delia being elected as the new PN leader. This came just one week after he phoned us, live on air, to ask why he hadn't been mentioned.

A couple of hours later, Rossi found the best (and most elaborate) way of congratulating Nate on this, err... "achievement"?

She started by going out of her way to buy him a cake reading, "Congratulations Nate for making it on Lovin Malta." But this is Rossi, so obviously she didn't stop there.

Throughout the day, the young model had different Maltese celebrities record a quick video celebrating Darmanin's crowning moment, compiling them into an amazing supercut. 

She even reached out to Lovin Malta, and we couldn't help but record a quick sarcastic message to the Vibe host.

Darmanin had jokingly called Lovin Malta's Chucky earlier this month on air during the pair's radio show to ask him why his statuses and videos never get featured, but last weekend's was the DJ's lucky break.

Nate, we'd like to yet again congratulate you on finally making it to Lovin Malta. The sky's the limit bro.

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