WATCH: Adorable Gozitan 'Bad Student' Steals The Hearts Of Thousands

Six-year-old Gabriel is the star of Nas Daily's latest daily vlog

By now, Malta knows all too well who Nas Daily is. The international vlogger has only been on the island for just over a week, but it feels like he's already met half the country... President included. He's starred in most of his daily vlogs (now reaching a staggering 732), but this morning's video focused instead on one adorable Gozitan boy.

Six-year-old Gabriel was called a bad student "for not paying attention and for being in his own world", something that we've all definitely been through before. However, it turns out that the young boy is actually a little genius.

Nas recounts how Gabriel knows every single country's flag (not just the popular ones!) and how he can even recognise every note played on a piano with his eyes closed. And his IQ? 139, just one point short of genius. 

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Gabriel's story does, thankfully, have a good ending.

After his parents moved him to another school, Gabriel managed to make the most of this simple change of environment and can finally nurture all his amazing talents. And of course, his parents couldn't be prouder.

Barely an hour after Gabriel's story was uploaded on Nas Daily's page, the video hit the 150,000 views mark, amassed over 10,000 reactions, and was shared more than 2,000 times. Soon enough, the comments started pouring in, and it instantly became crystal clear that the six-year-old Gozitan was set to steal the hearts of thousands all around the world.

Apart from thanking Nas Daily for the video and congratulating Gabriel for his awesome (and adorable) talents, others even took the opportunity to share their own similar experiences.

And of course, the now world-famous Oh My Malta also made it to the comments section.

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