WATCH: Ben Camille Documents The Birth Of Baby Elle And Our Hearts Can't Take It

Here's five whole minutes of Ben and Xtina being adorable AF

Stop what you're doing, take a five minute bathroom break, and watch TV host Ben Camille and fitness instructor Xtina document the birth of their baby daughter Elle. It's not as gory as it sounds; it's just five minutes of Ben and Xtina being adorable new parents. And I love it.


"My water just exploded, it felt like pipi!" Can't relate because I've never been pregnant, but honestly? Mood.

In all seriousness though; Xtina is a total superstar at all times, cracking jokes, dancing and putting on a brave face as the contractions near. Her and Ben are visibly very excited to meet their new baby girl, all smiles and hugs and full of love for their new little family.

Xtina And Ben2

After the birth, Nanna Carina comes to visit, full of emotions at the sight of her granddaughter ovvja, and we're treated to three minutes of Ben and Xtina gushing over Baby Elle. My heart cannot take it.

We're also treated to some shots of shirtless Daddy Ben wearing a Gucci cap and snuggling up with baby, which is always a welcome sight. And a clip of him awkwardly singing Backstreet Boys to Elle, and then forgetting the words. It's cute.

Xtina And Ben

As they're heading home, the couple receive a cute little bouquet of flowers from the First Lady herself Michelle Muscat. I'm sure there were many more bouquets waiting for them at home.

I think they were mostly excited to get home to their two other babies though; their doggies (or paninis as they call them) Simba and Jeana.

Congrats Xtina and Ben! Here's hoping you're getting some sleep!

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