WATCH: Cast Of Beloved Netflix Show Touched By 'Magical Malta'

Have you seen season 2 yet?

The cast of Netflix's breakout hit 'Sense8' filmed their last scene of Season 2 in Malta. A video, published by the Malta Film Commission, shows the cast filming in our crystal clear waters and celebrating the end of the season.

'Sense8' is a science fiction drama revolving around 8 strangers from around the world who suddenly gain a psychic and emotional connection to one another. The shows main themes are the similarity and difference of the human experience across cultures, and the different connections we make with the people around us.


"It's like being in a castle-land. It's Magical. We're so fortunate we got to come to this beautiful place" said Daryl Hannah, who plays Angelica Turing on the show.

Sense8 was recently cancelled by Netflix, citing the exorbitant cost of filming a show in eight different locations around the globe. But outcry from devoted fans persuaded Netflix to give the show a proper goodbye and green-lit a 2 hour finale special, which has yet to be released.

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