WATCH: Clare Agius Makes Raw And Impassioned Plea For Maltese People To Cut Down On Plastics

'Msieken my children and my children's children because they'll all be swimming in plastic'​

One of Malta's most popular actresses and hosts Clare Agius has released a video pleading with Malta to stop "feeding the plastic monster", drawing attention to one of the most critical issues the world is facing right now: plastic pollution.

Her impassioned monologue, entitled "4 Horror Stories of 2018", is intercut with shots of sea mammals, turtles, and birds suffering due to humanity's addiction to plastic, and Clare begins listing just how much damage single-plastic use is doing to Malta - and the world.

"The stuff that makes me cry," said Agius as she shared the video online. "It will probably be the most valid message I will ever share! Raw and emotional, I hope it moves you and you will feel inclined to share."

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Saying we are "stamped as the era of plastic" forever, she lamented a future where the seas had more plastic than fish

Clare says that our addiction to plastic has become so bad that bits of plastic will now become "fossilised" in our environment.

"Msieken my children and my children's children because they'll all be swimming in plastic'," she decries.

She also laments how whales and other creatures who have lived for millenia are meeting their end now that humanity has polluted the seas with so much plastic.

"Use only bags that you can reuse. Reduce the purchase of plastics and water bottles. Recycle." the videos ends with a shot of a Maltese sunset and the plastic-filled seas churning below.

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