WATCH: Day 1,001 - Nas Daily Treats Family To A Traditional Lunch At His Favourite Maltese Restaurant

They had the place to themselves for the day

Last Saturday, Facebook vlogger Nas Daily celebrated his 1,000th and final video, with a massive grand-finale event here in Malta. But the next day, he took his family and closest friends to his favourite Maltese restaurant for a more intimate celebration lunch.


Nas and Alyne had previously visited Diar il-Bniet in Dingli the last time they were here in Malta. And they loved it so much, that they brought everyone in to feast on some traditional Maltese foods.


Nas and his brother Mohammed

The group had the small Dingli restaurant to themselves as they celebrated Nas' achievement. Nas was apparently so excited he couldn't sit still, jumping from table to table to see (and nibble) what everyone was eating. He also nibbled on some tasty mangoes that his mother brought with her just for him.

Alyne And Doggo

Alyne and a cute Maltese pup

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