WATCH: Emma Muscat Feature In Italian Rapper's Music Video Hits A Million Views

Our girl's becoming a star

It’s snowing, there’s a snowman and a couple of fresh-looking Christmas trees. We’re not talking about Malta, of course, but the second of the Italian rapper Shade’s new music video featuring Malta’s teenage sensation Emma Muscat. And it's a hit.

The music video was uploaded at midnight, and has already hit one million views on YouTube; and it’s only been out for just over 12 hours. The song, called 'Figurati Noi' is the third one to feature on Shade’s highly-anticipated album ‘Truman’.

The song is about a love story of two cross-starred lovers (who are not Emma and Shade, maybe so that we don’t get confused about her relationship with Biondo), who just keep on missing each other. But it’s Emma and Shade to the rescue, as they each act as the fairy godmother and fairy godfather to the music video’s protagonists.

Screen Shot 2018 11 17 At 1 25 55 Pm

Emma and Shade in their winter wonderland

Screen Shot 2018 11 17 At 1 25 07 Pm

Emma draws a chalk heart on the desk for the 'prince charming' to find. Sneaky, Emma

Screen Shot 2018 11 17 At 1 25 17 Pm

'Prince Charming' searching through the vinyls. Will his princess pick the right one?

Screen Shot 2018 11 17 At 1 26 24 Pm

So close, yet so far; Shade's got to get Prince Charming's attention before Princess goes away

Screen Shot 2018 11 17 At 1 26 45 Pm

The fairy godparents got a love of their own, too

Did you have your "aaah, now I get it" moment yet?

If you've been following Emma this week, you'd know of a music video that she and Shade released last week of them collaborating on a Disney freestyle. The video got us hella excited about Shade's new album (a.k.a getting to hear Emma's new song), but it was also meant to hint to the theme of their track song. Which was a modern Christmas fairytale, of course.

"Aaah, now I get it."

Also, Emma's been receiving so much luuurve from her fans, as comments on the video vary from a simple “like for Emma” to “Emma’s beauty and skill is incredible.” Here's to the girl that keeps on impressing us with everything that she does.

Emma Comments 1

"It's not that Emma uses autotune. Autotune uses Emma."

Emma Comments 3

"Shade and Emma are really a great duo"

Emma Comments 2

"Emma I've been following you since you were on Amici. I have a fan page about you and seeing your success makes me cry. You're great even when you are featuring." Wow.

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