WATCH: Jim Jefferies Blames Another Jim Jefferies Who Allegedly Died In Malta For Death Hoax

He made the statements on Conan's popular talkshow

Jim Jefferies, the Australian comedian who found himself in the centre of a fake news controversy rooted in Malta has added to the story of his would-be death while on holiday in Malta. 

The comedian, who has never actually been to Malta, was killed off by a website calling itself Malta Today (no, not the official one). Obviously, Jefferies is not dead, but he's also making sure to keep this mix up alive after bringing it up once more on an interview with popular late night host Conan O'Brien.  

This time, he added a new twist - the reason for the mixup is based around the fact that another man, also named Jim Jefferies, is the one who (allegedly) died in a crash on the island.

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Jeffries requesting a better photo when he actually dies on Conan's show.

Jefferies had previously discussed the mix up on his own show in a section called 'What's Going On In Malta?' but has since continued to do his research on the island claiming there was no way he'd been to Malta. 

"I think there would be some real media in Australia if I died, not in bloody Malta. I've never been to Malta, they don't have any comedy clubs [there]."

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