WATCH: The End Of A 1,000 Day Journey - Nas Daily Posts Emotional Final Video Ahead Of Grand Reunion In Valletta

He'll be celebrating with an event on our Island this afternoon

Nas Daily has just released the final video of his 1000 day journey via an emotional post on Facebook.

Holding back tears, he thanked his followers and said: 'You after 1000 days, made this kid achieve his dreams and grow up to become a man. And for that, I am so thankful.'

Nas Daily is currently in Malta ahead of his large-scale event in Valletta's MCC this afternoon which will see 1,000 people from Malta - as well as an "orchestra, videos, friends and fun".

Nas Daily has always had a strong connection to Malta and has been mostly well received whenever he has visited. He even managed to getting 1% of the entire population together in Valletta last year.

Nas will still be posting short videos on his Instagram page.

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