WATCH: Nine-Year-Old Maltese Boy's Owen Leuellen Impersonation Is Equal Parts Adorable And Spot On

From the moves to the bars, Ike Mizzi pulls it all off perfectly

Young Maltese rapper Owen Leuellen captured the hearts of thousands in the run-up to the X Factor Malta finals, but he seems to have also inspired an even younger breed of local rappers to pursue their dream.

In a series of videos uploaded throughout last week's carnival celebrations, nine-year-old Ike Mizzi puts up a series of adorable - and impressive - Leuellen impersonations on and off floats in Valletta. And from the swagged out outfit to the actually fire bars, he does an amazing job.

Everything from Leuellen's original song to his collaboration with Ira Losco feature in Ike's repertoire... and he seems to know every single lyric off by heart

"From when he saw Owen Luellen in the X Factor for the first time, he started following him and seeing him every time on the television and on YouTube," Ike's older brother Zale proudly told Lovin Malta.

"Many people are telling Ike that he's exactly like Owen Luellen when he was a young boy," Zale beamed.

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The young boy, who, like Owen Leuellen, is from Valletta, met his hero during the carnival celebrations... and they even had the most adorable impromptu rap duet

Honestly, if this doesn't break your heart, we don't know what will.

"This just left me speechless," Owen had said when he himself had shared a video of young Ike rapping in the streets of their hometown last week. "Couldn't be happier thanks to this amazing kid."

The beloved newcomer in the Maltese rap scene has been surprising younger fans all around the island - to deafening screams - but it looks like this is just the tip of the iceberg for Owen Leuellen.

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