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WATCH: P!nk Gets Taste Of Malta’s Favourite Snack As Huge Pack Of Twistees Is Tossed On Stage

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Some local flavour was added to a P!nk concert tonight after a member of the audience tossed a giant packet of Twistees at the world-famous singer while she was performing on stage.

Nerissa Galdes, a 23-year-old Maltese woman who filmed the incident, told Lovin Malta she was attending a P!nk concert at the Olympiastadion in Munich when the ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ singer picked up a familiar-looking packet from the stage.

Nerissa Galdes and her friends

Nerissa Galdes and her friends

Reading the Twistees label out loud, P!nk commented: “How is this a delicious savoury snack? Is it cheese? I think I should have just gotten sponsored.”

Nerissa said of the incident: “An out of this world concert with added local taste!”

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