WATCH: So, What Do American People Think 'Buttigieg' Actually Means?

'It's either a weird sexual thing or a place in, like, Austria'

Maltese-American US Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is making waves in his home country, both for his progressive and millennial-friendly values, as well as his weird surname.

After being talked - and joked - about on a number on talk shows, he's finally been given the Jimmy Kimmel treatment. The late-night host wanted to not only see how the average American man-in-the-street would pronounce the strange Maltese surname, but also what they thought it means.

(For the record, Buttigieg means owners of chickens, because of course it does)

There's this kid who thought it means "somebody has an egg on their butt, or something"

Screenshot 2019 04 16 At 11 21 34

Or this person, who thought it meant "a guy with a nice butt"

Screenshot 2019 04 16 At 11 22 26

Obviously, we cant ignore this guy who thought Buttigieg was "a weird sexual thing or a place in like, Austria"

Screenshot 2019 04 16 At 11 23 14

Or this lady who believed it meant "Butt gang... a gang of butts"

Screenshot 2019 04 16 At 11 25 57

That said, shout out to this one guy who actually pronounced it correctly though

Screenshot 2019 04 16 At 11 20 28

What do you think Buttigieg sounds like?

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