WATCH: Valentina Rossi Asks Muxu To Be Her Bridesmaid In The Most Adorable Way

Or 'bridesboo', as he put it

Local radio host and lover of chicken nuggets Valentina Rossi is getting ready to get married to her fiancée DJ Carlo Gerada. And of course, the run up-to any wedding is full of planning and stress, so the people getting married often get people on board to help them with the wedding madness.

Valentina is getting her bridal squad together, and has just asked local singer and songwriter Matt 'Muxu' Mercieca to be one of her bridesmaids

... or 'bridesboo', as he put it.

And she asked him in a totally adorable way; by leaving him a gift box on his doorstep. The box included a variety of goodies, including a bath bomb and personalised silk robe. It's unclear what the other items are but it looks like a couple of face masks, snacks and maybe a tiny bottle of vodka?

Whatever it is, I now want a bridesmaid box.

Val Muxu

The box also included a card officially asking Muxu to be her bridesmaid, making use of Beyoncé's iconic lyrics: 'OK Muxu let's get in formation'

Obviously Beyoncé's original lyrics say 'ladies', not 'Muxu'.

Valentina also wrote 'information' as one word, and I'm not sure if that's a mistake or some secret code. The conspiracy theorist inside of me is hoping it's a secret code.

Valentina has hinted to when her wedding will be, but is keeping all the details on the down low for now. She wants to surprise everyone with what we can only imagine to be the most 'Rossi' wedding ever, full of tasty food and groovy tunes.

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