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‘We Are Real, Not Perfect’: Shyli And Jordan Aren’t Phased By Malta’s Criticism Of Their X-Rated Videos

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As Malta reacts to the news that a young couple have found a way to monetise their personal sex lives, Shyli Rose and her bae Jordan have spoken about their haters and fans.

“We never thought that it would blow up like this, but it’s amazing how something can turn into such a big thing,” the couple told Lovin Malta.

Earlier this week, the rapper, who’s released music with Ira Losco, and her fitness-obsessed partner launched their raunchy OnlyFans account, where fans can pay for a monthly subscription to see the pair’s intimate moments.

Since launching it, the pair have said they’ve made thousands – and are planning to ride this wave as far as they can.

“We have gotten loads more subscribers over the last few days, we are well over 200 paying fans now and we’re really grateful for every subscriber,” they beamed.

When it comes to the haters and people criticising them for their new venture, the couple were quite chill and clear.

“We would both like to say that, first off ,we are really good people that will be support anyone regardless of what they’re doing,” they said. “We do not judge people and we do not expect people to understand us but we do still expect to get some respect as human beings that are alive and feel.”

“Everyone chooses to be different in life and we both chose this!”

Though they both run other businesses, with Shyli running a hairpiece business while Jordan runs a fitness and nutrition programme, they decided monetise their personal life as countless others have done abroad.

Indeed, though there are quite a number of Maltese OnlyFans accounts, especially X-rated ones, they are very rarely made as public as Shyli and Jordan’s account, which goes by the name Mr and Mrs Jewels.

Saying they’ve always helped people whenever they needed it, they said they respect those who disagreed with them, but that they “are happy with what we do and we both hope that everyone else is happy too”.

“If people actually met us and spoke to us they would like us and see there’s so much more to offer than just selling sex online,” they continued. “We both have big accomplishments and accolades that’s have nothing to do with this. We work hard and do understand entrepreneurship especially if you look into my history with being involved in businesses. This was just a good opportunity to do something else that paid… and it’s working.”

What do you make of the couple’s perspective?

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