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‘We’re Fine, We Hope You Are Too’: Biondo Clarifies Breakup Rumours As Emma Muscat Reportedly Moves Back In

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As rumours continue to brew about Maltese starlet Emma Muscat and fellow ex-Amici contestant Biondo, yesterday saw yet another chapter in the saga unfurl on Italian gossip sites that not only addressed some of the latest hearsay, but led to the young rapper clarifying the couple’s situation.

On Sunday 7th April, weekly gossip magazine Di Più published an interview seemingly dispelling rumours of Emma and Biondo’s breakup

While the end of last year’s edition of Amici saw the Maltese starlet and the Italian artist move in together in a house in Milan, it wasn’t long until 2019 reared its head with rumours of heated arguments and breakups. Now, however, it seems like the worst might’ve passed.

“Crisis averted, and love anew,” Gossip e TV reported on the interview that same day. “The young rapper told Di Più that he left the house where he lived with Muscat after a very bad fight. Apparently, after a number of small arguments, the two burst, and it seemed like the final straw had arrived.”

“The former Amici student revealed that he was convinced he had lost his girlfriend forever, yet in the end it worked out,” the gossip site continued.

“Once the initial anger was eliminated, however, I realized that I still cared a lot about Emma,” Biondo said in the interview. “It was not worth throwing it all away because of problems that were ultimately solvable. So I put pride aside, I called her and decided to meet again.”

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In an Instagram story published yesterday, Biondo went on to clarify his position… explaining why fans were kept in the dark for so long

“That interview was done before Emma and I had drifted apart,” the young R&B artist explained. “In that dark period, they justifiably so started calling us and asking for clarifications, but neither of us wanted to talk, let alone publish an interview at a time when we were still finding ourselves, like any normal couple would.”

“I apologise for not having given you enough clarification, but it was a period of very little lucidity and clarity for the both of us,” Biondo continued. “It seemed appropriate to not say anything at first, specifically because of the respect and love we have for each other.”

“We put the two of us first, before any gossip that’s obviously created,” Biondo went on. “Having said this in complete confidence, my manager explained the incident to the magazine, blocking it and putting it on standby of course. They decided to publish it anyway. Fine, it wasn’t up to us, but my regret is that I did not clarify immediately.”

“We’re fine, we hope you are too,” Biondo finished his Instagram story, signing off with “Love, B”.

Biondo Instagram Story Emma Muscat

Emma herself reshared Biondo’s Instagram story, following up his closing message with her own “Love, E”

Some weeks ago, gossip sites had circulated rumours that, following Biondo and Emma’s breakup, another person had entered the equation: ‘bad girl’ Taylor Mega

Amidst a social media silence that saw Emma and Biondo switch their Instagram accounts to private and even stop following each other, fans desperately tried to piece together the puzzle of what was happening between the two Amici stars.

One of the prevailing rumours that started heating up about the couple was that the situation was quickly devolving into a messy love triangle that saw 25-year-old, six-foot influencer Taylor Mega complicate things further with a couple of mutual Instagram follows.

In the millennial age, a couple of rumours and a mutual Instagram follow in a period of media silence quickly turns into nationwide gossip, and that’s exactly what happened this time round, with multiple celeb-centric sites, Twitter accounts and fan pages speculating on the couple’s updates as the two remained silent.


Left: Taylor Mega. Right: Biondo

According to the latest rumours, however, things seemed to have stabilised… with the two even reportedly living together again

“Now that the two have returned to living under the same roof, things are going much better and they hope to go on like this for a long time,” Gossip e TV concluded. “Despite this, they haven’t been able to see much of each other recently because of their many work commitments.”

Emma Muscat Instagram Stories Packing

If today’s Instagram stories are anything to go by, it looks like Emma is indeed getting ready to fly again, with work on her new album still going strong

Back in March, Emma made it to the Instagram story of last year’s Amici winner Irama as she could be seen returning to the studio.

Following the release of her debut album Moments last summer, the Maltese singer released a Christmas album… and even hinted at a new album back in February (a mere 59 days since Moments Christmas Edition).

“Love, freedom and youth are the main themes in my new album,” the young singer-songwriter had told her hundreds of thousands of followers. “What do you expect?”

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