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‘What The Hell Was That?’ Lou Bondi Lashes Out At Liam Gallagher’s ‘Disappointing’ Free Fosos Concert Last Night

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Being Britpop’s enfant terrible for two decades means he’s never far away from controversy, but Liam Gallagher might’ve just been added to a couple more blacklists after last night’s free concert in Floriana… including one of a certain Lou Bondi.

“What the hell was that?” Bondi took to Facebook to lament right after the concert. “Liam Gallagher takes the stage late, plays for less than an hour – with an inexplicable 5 minute break in the middle to book – sings less than 10 songs.”

“He doesn’t once sing the chorus of Wonderwall, says ‘Fuck off’, and that’s it, end of gig. What a disappointment!”

Judging by the comments that quickly poured in, though, the whole routine didn’t appear to be so surprising.

“Are we actually surprised?” one comment read. “Once a pillock, always a pillock.” Other users offered their own two cents on the controversy, saying they preferred staying home or going to other events that went down last night.

Gallagher has been known to offend and call out members of the audience before, and this could have very well happened last night because people reportedly kept calling out “Noel”, the name of Liam’s brother and the source of many an Oasis public squabble.

All things considered, though, Fosos was packed, and positive comments still abounded

“I really liked it,” one person chimed in. “I was in Glastonbury last week and having him on our island was fantastic! Finally something ROCK of a high level on our island!”

The Thursday night concert – which was free of charge save for a VIP section – saw local artists Matthew James and Ira Losco open the night ahead of the divisive and legendary Oasis frontman.

A journalist and TV presenter with a passion for rock music, Lou Bondi has helped bring down some pretty big names over the last couple of years through another big organisation totally unrelated to last night’s concert; the Rock ‘N Malta hub within Festivals Malta.

Everyone from Kaiser Chiefs and The Hives to Dream Theater and Lacuna Coil have performed on the island from Rock ‘N Malta’s side, with Bondi pushing to bring down rock heavyweights to Malta… but we’re willing to bet a certain former Oasis frontman might not be on the top of Lou’s list after last night.

What do you make of this? Are you surprised by these comments? Let us know and tag someone who needs to see this!

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