Why The Maltese Can Perfectly Identify With Last Night's Golden Globes

Technical malfunctions and politics are our daily lives

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Last night, the Hollywood Foreign Press hosted their 74th annual Golden Globes award ceremony to honour outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry. 

But as the night wore on, it became increasingly clear that there were many relateable moments for all the Maltese watching from home.

1. We're all a little bit over boys pretending to be gay 'as a joke'

Unless they're willing to go all the way. At this point Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are pulling an elaborate "I'm gay" frape.

Fallon Jt

2. But we wouldn't turn away if Davide Tucci and Ben Camille decided to try it out

See guys, Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield are showing you exactly how to do it.

Garfield Reynolds

3. It's not a party till someone looks like cake frosting


4. And one person will always borrow their mother's dress

It's not vintage, Sarah, it's ugly.


5. Nothing really works when you need it to


6. And traffic's so bad it's probably best to walk

And maybe sing a little too.

Walking 2

7. Someone will give an impassioned speech about a cause they care about

Just calling for more use of the squishy, grey matter between our ears.


8. And they'll instantly be labelled as partisan and blind

Because opposing one person's mistakes automatically makes you a slave to the opposition

All in a day's work, really.

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Chucky Bartolo

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