X Factor Malta's Second Episode Continues To Prove How Much Of A Gold Mine For Memes The Show Really Is

Another week, another list of memes


Now that Sunday night is officially X Factor Malta night, thousands of people have been tuning in to the show to check out the latest promising talent from around the island... and the most entertaining moments to talk about for the whole week.

Within minutes, X Factor Malta memes made it onto local social media feeds, going viral faster than the judges were handing out Yeses.

Here are some of the good, the bad and the brutal memes that appeared on social media after X Factor Malta's second episode aired last night.

1. With some people tuning in for the first time, an introduction of the judges was needed

2. While others wondered what it would take for the judges to say no

3. After all, things got pretty emotional at one point...

4. Alex Alden's hilarious burn didn't go unnoticed

5. And Ben Camille's backstage antics still managed to steal the show

6. The memes have clearly now become a weekly tradition...

7. ... and for the second consecutive week, one particular page rose among the ranks

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Posted by Malcolm A.

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