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You Can Soon Book A Sicily Trip With Adrian Zammit… And People Are Already Lining Up

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Don’t know what you’re doing for a summer 2020 holiday? Love memes and watching viral videos? A solution to all your problems has just showed up out of nowhere… in the shape of a trip to Sicily with Marsa influencer Adrian Zammit.

Sure, take your time and read throught that last sentence again. God knows I had to do the same the first time round.

Sicily travel agency Micallef Joe Travel is offering people something a little different for its latest package to Malta’s big neighbour, promising “a day of fun in Sicily with Adrian Zammit – Il Bebbuxu”.

Sure, take your time to read through that again.

Now you might think this is all a bit too niche… but you’d be forgetting the online force Adrian’s become in the past months.

Barely 24 hours since resharing the travel agency’s post, the Marsa influencer has already received hundreds of reactions, dozens of comments and a number of shares, with people getting very hyped at the idea of going on holiday with the celeb.

From repurposing popular quotes like “what’s in the boat” to asking Adrian to name a date and price so they’ll be there, people are lining up for this thing already… and full information isn’t even out yet!

“It’s definitely going to be fully booked,” one person commented. “You’d better have more than one day.”

“A detailed programme will be published in the coming weeks,” Micallef Joe Travel teased. But at this rate, it looks like people can’t wait an extra minute.

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