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Zija TT Attacked And Left Severely Injured In Her Own Home Just A Month After Police Didn’t Look Into Death Threats Against Her

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Social media influencer Zija TT, also known as Terry ta’ Bormla on Facebook, spoke out about being abused inside her own home just a month and a half after flagging how the police didn’t take death threats against her seriously.

Zija TT received a death threat a month and a half ago, and went to the Bormla police station to file a report but they told her she had to go to the depot.

“They told me that if something happens or if someone comes to kill me, I can call them up and they’ll answer straight away – as though that person wouldn’t have been able to just kill me.”

Now, while she was at home, someone banged on her window. “He wanted revenge on me for saying a month and a half ago that this person had threatened to kill me.”

He allegedly grabbed her phone from her hands, and when she tried to take it back he smashed her face with something he had in his hand. “God forbid I need a face operation,” Zija TT said.

When she went to the police station full of blood and bruises, they called an ambulance and took her to hospital. 

However, even at the hospital there seemed to be a lack of understanding regarding the severity of the situation.

“I lost a lot of blood and no doctor or nurse came to see me at Mater Dei for three hours, even though they told me in the ambulance that my nose was broken and would probably need an operation. I can’t wait any longer.”

Zija TT wants to see justice. “A month and a half ago, the police didn’t take action. Today I went to the station full of blood. Had the police taken action, I wouldn’t have gotten beaten up today.”

“Once again, the police told me to go to the depot after the operation. After my operation, will I have a state of mind to go to the depot, and then go back to the Bormla station so they can perhaps take action against the person who attacked me?”

Zija TT filed a report at the Floriana depot today, and thankfully the police officer helped her out well. She even offered to send an officer home with Zija TT to guard her house, but Zija TT said she had no reason to do so.

She now has an appointment with that officer, and she also called her lawyer.

“All I’m asking for is true justice,” she said.

Her sister spoke up about the incident, too. “Terry isn’t alone. We know what happened, and while we forgive people, everything has its limits.”

“We can’t stay like this. In the name of the Muscat family, we thank everyone, but in these cases we’re a strong unit and help our relatives. Justice must be done and the gay rights movement must speak out, too.”

What do you make of the shocking incident?

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