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Check Out This European Map Showing Malta’s Top Google Search Results

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Let’s face it – we’ve all taken out five minutes in between tasks at work to play the Google automated game. And since we’re also quite the patriots, our fave autocomplete is usually to do with Malta.

Now a new map created by mathematician Jakub Marian shows every European country’s top autocompleted question as a graphic illustration. Meaning, a map layout of Google’s top suggestions for questions starting with “why is…?” 

For example, when typing in “why is Britain” into Google, the suggested autocomplete is “why is Britain leaving the EU”. When typing in “why is Ireland”, the top autocomplete is “why is Ireland so green”. You get the idea.

So what’s Malta’s top autocomplete?


Marian’s map show’s Malta’s autocomplete as: “Why is Malta good for you“. I guess we can’t complain with that result, and would even go as far as to actually tell you why. Could have been much worse, right? Just look at some of our unfortunate neighbours:


Yup always great to have your legitimacy questioned


Are you even a country if you’re not in FIFA?



So, what else does Google think about Malta?

We weren’t happy with just one Maltese autocomplete. I mean what would we have done with the rest of our morning? The Lovin team each tested their own Google search and the results were all different, and all accurate…

Screen Shot 2016 12 15 At 9 45 05 Am

Why is Malta considered a democratic state? Hang tight Google users, we’re looking into it and will let you know the answer asap.

Screen Shot 2016 12 15 At 11 36 58

Why is Malta famous? Basically pastizzi and sunshine.

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Why is Malta so cheap or expensive? Make up your mind Google or gow bek 2 ur kantrij.

What does Google tell you when you type in ‘Why is Malta”? Share your results with us in the comments section!

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