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Classic Maltese Instagram Posts You’ll Definitely See During Exam Periods

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If you’ve been on Intagram the last month, (of course you have) you’ll have no doubt noticed a trend on your friends stories. May and June are known as the months of studying and exams.

Unfortunately when all you’re doing is concentrating on these two things, it is ridiculously easy for your online social life to be dragged under the bus.

Keeping in mind that most people are thankfully very close to the end now, here’s a list of stories and Instagram posts you’ve definitely seen these last two months.

1. *insert number* Days left till summer

Summer is your prize, and you want it. Subconsciously (or very consciously) you are counting down the days till your summer begins. Till you can wake up whenever you want, go sip mojitos, and enjoy a long day at the beach. But do you really need to tell everyone the date you start your summer holidays?

Keep Calm There Are Only 29 Days Left Till Summer

2. “4/6 Exams Done!”

We actually don’t blame you for this one.

It’s the adrenaline after you finish an exam. You’re not yourself. Your heart is pumping fast and you’re excited. Another one bites the dust. Phone out, snap a pic of the school and tell us you’ve finished another one. Good job.

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3. Phots of notes

El Classico. The most classic of the classic.

It’s the fastest way to let everyone know you’re studying. Simply add a frowning emoji and you’re set.

Don’t forget to put the page with your neatest handwriting up front.

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4. “Bored :-(“

Of course you’re bored. Studying is not meant to be the most interesting thing on the planet. But this is different.

It’s your fifth week of studying every single day, and you are literally losing your mind. You’ve given up on showering, eating healthy, and your social life… but nobody can take your social media persona away from you.

Take a classic, slightly obscure, mildly suggestive close-up selfie and tell us you’re bored. Enjoy the reactions pouring in; you’re still in the social media game.

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5. #WellNeededBreak

You’ll find any excuse to take a break, and you’ll give yourself a pat on the back saying you definitely deserve it.

Sure, you’re still on your final exam stretch, but these last couples of exams aren’t too tough. And hey; it is summertime after all.

The occasional snap of someone still in exam period but relaxing on the beach or out at a restaurant eating a delicious meal is to be expected.

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6. “X makes everything better <3 !”

The cringe is strong with this one.

Your prefect boy/girlfriend got you treats. Better find the perfect lighting around the house and take a photo of them with a lot of heart emojis.

Thanks babe, you manage to make everything so much better.


7. Library snap

Are you by any chance studying at the University of Malta? Of course you are, we’ve seen the stories. It’s the place where all the cool kids go to study. After all whats the point of it all, if nobody can see you.


Tag the friend that’s guilty of these exam posts!

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