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11 Reasons Lovin Malta’s Audience Is The Best Audience Out There

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Today is the six-month mark since Lovin Malta first launched, and instead of looking back at our favourite articles posted, or laughing at the Maltese media’s sudden interest in listicles, we just wanted to take a second to appreciate you guys – the readers. 

Without y’all we wouldn’t have stuck around for six months, or generated 3,000,000 pageviews and almost 30,000 likes (oops #humblebrag). But getting back on track, we just wanted to tell you guys why we love doing what we do so much:

1. Our comments section is a surprisingly inspirational place

2. Where engaging stories generate intelligent discussions

3. And happy ones churn out so much good will

4. We tend to be forgetful, but we’re often reminded of just what we’re missing

5. And while we love to hear that we got it perfectly right

6. We also love that you guys are quick to call us out when we’re not

7. And help us make the whole situation better

8. Sure we get the odd hater making noise for no reason

9. But you guys are so quick to tear them down

10. And we’ll honestly never get tired of your jokes

11. And general goodwill around our posts

So thanks y’all – you keep doing what you do!

Hug Pose

Talk to us – send us an email on [email protected] or write a comment on Facebook telling us what you’d like to see over the next six months!

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