6 Ways YOU Can Help Save Golden Bay's Baby Turtles

They're gonna be so adorable you guys, we cannot mess this up.


Late last night, or rather early this morning, Nature Trust Malta confirmed that a turtle had nested in one of Malta's most popular sandy spots - Golden Bay. The turtle eggs are extremely fragile and with the hoards of beach-goers the area sees every day, they're gonna need all the help they can get to stay safe. Here's 6 things you can do to help out:

1. Volunteer

Nature Trust is currently in the process of setting up a roster to guard the nest from being accidentally (or worse, purposely) trampled. You can find more information on how to sign up here.

Turtle Cute

2. Curb your curiosity and stay away from the site

No matter how great you think your Instagram shot will be, you should never enter the nest's area.

Turtle Teeth

3. Use the bins provided and keep litter off the beach

This one should be obvious year-round; but if it's gonna take the mental image of a baby turtle choking on a piece of plastic to stop you from littering, then so be it. Thank you baby turtles for keeping our beaches clean.


4. Turn down the volume and lower your floodlights 

We know you love your new bluetooth-speaker, but perhaps you can blast your favourite tunes somewhere far away from this nest (say, tal-linja).

Dancing Turtle

5. Keep pets away from the site

We at Lovin Malta love our pooches, but we also know how excited they can get when they see something they've never sniffed before. A nest full of turtle eggs easily lands itself in the 'novelty' category for most dogs.


6. Report any new sightings  

If you see a turtle in distress, or one hauling itself onto the beach to nest, contact the Wildlife Rescue Team on 99999505. This rescue line is operational 24/7!

Baby Swimming

Will you be helping out? Tell us how you're helping in the comments on Facebook, and send us a Snap if you're volunteering!

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