7 Hilariously Innocent Reddit Questions Foreigners Asked About Malta

You've got a big storm coming

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Confusion is a common occurrence for those who first travel to Malta, but platforms like Facebook and Reddit allow foreigners to ask their questions to the locals ahead of time.

While always encouraging curiosity, there are some questions people who have lived on the island can't help smiling at and thinking, oh you poor, sweet summer child.

1. "Open Space in/near Sliema?"

If you find any of those, please let us know!

2. "Is everyone in Gozo related?"

We're not qualified to answer this, but we also don't recommend you ask them this either.

(Also, the answer is probably: yes.)

3. "How do parcel services handle it when the recipient is not at home when they're trying to deliver?"

They don't handle it, simple.

They will come back at the same time, or any time you're not home, and make sure you miss it. You'll then have to head down to pick it up, find it won't be there, come back days later and hope for the best. Simple.

4. "Small & quiet rental house in Malta?"

Small shouldn't be an issue, but on this island, you're gonna be hard pressed to find quiet.

5. "Is it easy to get drugs in Malta?"

As with an earlier question, we're not qualified to answer.

6. "Why is Mellieħa called 'Popeye Village'?"

The sweetest question of them all, and one we don't want to answer so they keep thinking the whole town is called Popeye Village.

7. "Why much firework in Malta?"

Why so much question about our history? The most innocent of questions by a foreigner that's bound to illicit the strongest of reactions among the Maltese.

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