An Unknown Individual Left The Cutest Gift For All Balluta Bay Swimmers

We need a lot more initiatives like this

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Sometimes, it's the littlest things that go the longest way, and this photo at a Maltese beach really puts that into perspective. Posted on Facebook forum The Salott, it showed a briefcase and drawer, both full of old books, left at Balluta Bay, with a piece of paper urging bystanders to "Read, Enjoy and Pass It On!"


This idea looks awesome, and we hope it gets picked up by other people around the island. Many have praised the mystery person who left the books there, and that cute DIY Library By The Beach sign attached is just too much. 

And while some people said it's only a matter of time until someone either steals the books "or just rips them up for the 'fun' of it", here's hoping that doesn't happen.

As the summer sun continues to draw more and more crowds to the beach, many have often regretted not bringing a novel to the beach, and this is the perfect solution for that. It also encourages others to bring their own favourite books and leave as a way of spreading the literary love.

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