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The Perfect Solution For All Maltese People Who Hate Small Talk

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With so many people packed onto such a tiny space, it’s no surprise that literally anywhere you go, you’re probably going to bump into someone you know. Statistically speaking, if you’re looking particularly shit, or really don’t feel like interacting with people, your chances of being stopped skyrocket. And it’s usually for a pointless chat about the weather, politics, or some member of your family.



But in an attempt to save you the hassle, we’ve created a printable template for you to fill in and have ready to hand out the next time you meet someone you don’t feel like speaking to. Here’s what it will look like.

We’ve filled our copy in in red, to highlight how best to use the form.

You can click this link to find a downloadable PDF.

Small Filled In Red

Let us know if you ever use this list, and tag a friend you know will love it!

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