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‘Absolute Idiots’: Angry Diver Recounts Harrowing Experience At Qawra’s ‘Highway To Hell’

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Shaken and still angry at what he had just experienced, a seasoned Maltese diver has taken to Facebook to recount “the most dreaded dive I’ve ever had in seven years”… and it’s all got to do with the “absolute idiots” manning the boats speeding just above him.

“Thanks to all the boats today, small and big alike, that were passing in front of Qawra Point (Imperial Eagle wreck) at full throttle right by the huge four-metre yellow buoy that floats in the middle of the sea,” Demis Farrugia started angrily. “There was a diver conducting decompression stops in the shallows and it is seriously not cool seeing a massive keel passing on top of your head!”

“If that wasn’t enough, there was also a two-metre bright orange buoy sticking out from the surface, and no one bat an eye lid, passing literally one metre away from both buoys,” Farrugia continued.

“Why do you have to be an absolute idiot and endanger people’s lives in your fancy boat, sound that puts a disco to shame and probably half drunk?”

Taking his complaint one step further, the diver also tagged Transport Malta, The Malta Police Force and the Armed Forces of Malta in his post, saying they all needed to “get their shit together and starting impounding boats for such contraventions”.

“Unless that happens, it won’t be long before we hear of someone being killed,” Farrugia finished.

It didn’t take long for the diver’s status to resonate with a large number of people, as some who were in the same area testified to the shocking reality.

“I was there and saw it too,” one of Demis’ friends said. “It was highway to hell out there at Qawra Point! No respect and zero nautical education.”

“We were out on boats the other day and the amount of people we saw racing around close to buoys as well as close to us while we were stopped,” another person added. “There’s no real enforcement on this which is stupid, in your situation someone could have died.”

And considering the situation for divers out there is so serious, it looks like Farrugia’s status was actually very democratic. “To be honest buddy, that was very politely spoken,” one comment joked.

“People are stupid,” another succintly put it. “Everyone stay safe and calculate idiots into your equations.”

What do you make of this? Have you ever had similar experiences?

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