Team Trying To 'Save Delimara' Set Up Slick, Informative Website On The Issue

Fresh off the latest news of development in the area

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An organisation calling themselves #SaveDelimara have launched a whole website as part of a campaign to raise awareness on the recent slew of development which has been proposed in the area. The website also gives visitors information on how to file a formal objection with the Planning Authority. 

A number of NGOs are supporting the campaign, including Movimenti Graffiti, Kamp Emerġenza Ambjent and Front Ħarsien ODZ. Other NGOs are reportedly in the process of confirming their support as well. 

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The website details the latest target of development in Malta, Kalanka Bay. "Yes, you've guessed it; more construction on ODZ land!" the website begins. "A PA notice sticked on the ruins of Delimara Hotel clearly state the plans for Redevelopment of existing derelict hotel, including environmentally friendly measures and provision of public ancillary facilities.

The website continues by saying that even though some people might think the development is a good idea because it's replacing old constructions, the whole thing should be objected because of nine reasons it outlines. The reasons range from the increasing of the total area from 343 square metres to 561, to the fact that it lies on both an Out of Development Zone and ME01 and MD02 (which are Areas of Ecological Importance And Sites Of Scientific Importance).

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"We're trying to inform the people on what's happening, and to get them to file an objection so we try to save this beautiful beach," the NGO said. "The process is very easy. All they need is go on the Planning Authority's site, search for the case number, click 'Submit Representation' and write a couple of lines explaining their concern." The whole website details this process, also including screenshots and linking the Planning Authority case link to help people with all the necessary steps. 

The website's campaign ends by giving two examples of similar cases where, according to the NGO, the people were given something very different to what they were promised, highlighting Golden Sands and Blue Lagoon.

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Earlier last week, MaltaToday reported that an Environmental Impact Assessment report warned that the construction of the proposed tunnel linking the proposed Kalanka Hotel and the beach could undermine the stability of the cliff. The report also suggested that the negative geological impact of this development would be minimised if the proposal is dropped entirely.

The permit for the entire construction hasn't been approved yet, and #SaveDelimara have until 17th July to file a formal objection with the Planning Authority. "All the these objections are reviewed one by one, so the more pressure we put the better," the NGO urged.

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