Are The Maltese All About Instant Gratification Nowadays?

It's time to talk about our behaviour

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Taking your time used to be a thing, especially in Malta.

But the sleepy, traditional Malta of old may officially be lost forever; nowadays, everyone from farmers to three-year-olds know how to Skype, and everyone is following a (Netflix) series, or five. 

Modern technology offers a ton of awesome ways to have fun, be connected, and stay busy. This is a good thing: but at what cost do these things come?

The third and last instalment of TEDxUniversityofMaltaSalon this year will be covering the topic of instant gratification in today's society. The open discussion will include some local experts and will be hosted at Crust, St. Julian’s, who will be providing attendees with delicious food items throughout the event.

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A moment from a previous TEDxUniversityofMaltaSalon

"We really wanted to explore the link within our society that makes us so impatient, so attached to our phones, so prone to seeking out new experiences and what that means for us as a generation," says Emma Portelli Bonnici, one of the organisers of the event.

With the pace of our daily lives sped up drastically in the last few decades, is it even worth waiting when we can get things instantly? 

Is there anything actually worth waiting for? 

And most of all - what long-term effects does this behaviour have on our society?

It's time to discuss this - and you are invited.

TEDxUniversityofMaltaSalon - Instant Gratification will be on Wednesday 14th March at 7pm - 8:30pm at Crust, St. Julians. Tickets are €12 and can be bought online.

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