Are There Really More Maltese Women Than Men?

Here's how Malta's population shapes up

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In honour of world population day, we've decided to take a quick snapshot of the population of the Maltese islands based on their age and sex. 

According to the latest NSO figures, Malta is home to 440,433 people. If you were to plot them on a graph where the horizontal axis would measure their age while the vertical axis would measure their numbers, they'd look something like this.


Despite the fact that the number of women is actually greater than the number of men, a piece of trivia that has become a party favourite, it can sometimes feel like that's not the case. While the graph clearly shows there are more women, not the whole story. Men actually tend to outnumber women when they are younger, save for a few times where more girls were born than boys. 

You can see this pattern fairly clearly in the graph -  the blue line leads with a safe buffer early on, except for a few spikes. It's only by middle age that more women consistently outnumber men of their age. And since women tend to live longer on average, in the long run there are more females than males.

The graph also captures the post World War II baby boom quite well, with the surge in those aged between the mid forties and late sixties being apparent.

The Maltese population currently constitutes just 0.1% of the total EU population.

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