Backers Help Raise €1,000 For Team Lovin's Marathon Run For Mental Health

And there's still time to keep donating

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Update at 10:02am:

Since posting the sum has now shot up to over €2,000, with a generous donation by Prohealth ltd. this morning. 

Over 50 online backers have donated more than €1,000 to a crowdfunding campaign started to raise money for the Richmond Foundation.

The initiative, which was launched on Malta's crowdfunding platform ZAAR, was started by Team Lovin, who took the plunge and decided to (sort of) run the marathon to raise funds for mental health in Malta.

There's still time to donate! Click here to support Mental Health in Malta

With just under a week to go till the race begins, there's still time to donate whatever you can to the cause. Apart from aiding the Richmond Foundation (and encouraging a  bunch of unfit office workers to finish the 20km power-walk) there are also some great prizes being offered to online donors by Eurosport Malta.

Team Lovin and the Richmond Foundation will also be more than happy to have corporate sponsors cheering us on, with two packages specifically tailored to companies and business who want to help.

So if you're looking to help out - click here!

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