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Birkirkara Local Council Apologises As Controversial Roadworks Halted ‘Due To Unforeseen Circumstances Beyond Our Control’

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With Christmas just around the corner, residents of Birkirkara have been left so confused and angry at disruptive roadworks in front of their doors that the town’s local council took to Facebook to clarify what’s taking so long.

“We apologise to the public for the inconvenience rendered by various projects in Birkirkara,” the page said on Tuesday evening.

“The work has been temporarily put on hold due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control,” the local council explained. 

“We assure the public that the council is doing all it can to finalise the projects as soon as possible and reduce public inconvenience,” they promised.

In fact, by this morning, the local council had returned to Facebook, sharing an update from one of the roads in question.

“After the pavements and the culverts in Imsida Street have been repaired, this road is now in the tarmac phase, with the collaboration of Infrastructure Malta,” the page detailed.

And while some residents thanked the local council for their work, others were quick to question the timing of it all. 

“So you decided to create all this havoc now, in Christmastime?” one angry resident commented, with another saying works next to a primary school “could’ve been done in summer, and not now with all the chaos of students going in and out.”

One resident said he was “reduced to tears” trying to get out of the town, going on to say it took him half an hour to drive through a part of Birkirkara.

“There seems to be a lot of disgruntled parishioners and they can’t all be wrong,” another resident commented, but others were much more forgiving with the local council.

“Thanks for the work and we understand that sometimes, problems arise,” one comment read. “Best wishes to you and your workers.”

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