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Can You Guess How Malta’s University Ranks Globally?

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Those of us who are currently studying at, or have graduated from, the University of Malta know that it is not without its ups and downs. Tuition is free (or rather they actually pay you to attend) and many lecturers give their all to their students. But it’s also had its fair share of complaints over the years.

Well, the results are in and, according to Webometrics, Malta’s university ranks at 1103rd globally. At first, this number seems quite disheartening, but when you consider the sheer number of universities listed we actually rank within the top 5% of universities globally.


“Malta’s university ranks at 1103rd globally… but that’s actually within the top 5%”

That’s actually a pretty decent placing all in all. 

Webometrics, the global ranking of universities based on their web presence, covers over 26,000 higher education institutions worldwide. However, it does not include every university in the world. The top three places are all in the US, with Harvard clinching the number one spot, Stanford ranking second and Massachusetts Institute for Technology sitting at a happy third.

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Thanks Marie for the tip.

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